Here is our city and date schedule:

March 1 Depart Atlanta, Arrive in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

March 2 Depart R,D,C, Arrive in Charlotte

March 4 Depart Charlotte, Arrive in Asheville

March 6
Depart Asheville, Arrive in Lexington for one stop

March 6 Depart Lexington, Arrive in Louisville

March 8 Depart Louisville, Arrive in Nashville

March 10 Depart Nashville, Arrive in Birmingham

March 12 Depart Birmingham, Arrive in Greensboro

March 12 Depart Greensboro, Arrive inNOLA

March 15 Depart NOLA, Arrive Houston

March 17 Depart Houston, Arrive in Austin

March 19 Depart Austin, Arrive in Little Rock

March 22 Depart Little Rock, Arrive in Oxford

March 25 Depart Oxford, Arrive in Memphis

March 27 Depart Memphis, Arrive in Chattanooga

March 29 Depart Chattanooga, Arrive in Charleston

What people, places or things should we see?

email any suggestions or ideas to sipdocumentary (at)